'Sustainable Style': The Truth Behind The Marketing of H&M’s Conscious Collection

Can a fast fashion brand like H&M really be sustainable?

“H&M are not being clear or specific enough in explaining how the clothes in the Conscious collection are more ‘sustainable’ than other products they sell.” — Bente Øverli, Deputy Director of Norway’s Consumer Authority

“As H&M are not giving the consumer precise information about why these clothes are labelled Conscious, we conclude that consumers are being given the impression that these products are more ‘sustainable’ than they actually are.” — Bente Øverli

Conscious products not really explained at all
H&M Conscious marketing imagery

Sustainable [adj]: able to be maintained at a certain rate or level; conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.

The most ironic slogan you’ve ever come across

“I don’t think guarantee is the right word…A lot of people ask for guarantees: ‘Can you guarantee labour conditions? Can you guarantee zero chemicals?’ Of course we cannot when we’re such a huge company operating in very challenging conditions.”

— Helena Helmersson, H&M Head of Sustainability




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