Shouldn’t We Have Fixed Climate Change By Now?

We know global warming is a huge problem, and we know how to fix it. So why haven’t we?

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“If we choose to take on this challenge, it appears that we can slow the rate of change substantially, giving us time to develop mechanisms so that the cost to society and the damage to ecosystems can be minimized.

We could alternatively close our eyes, hope for the best, and pay the cost when the bill comes due.” [1]

Solving global warming would mean zero emissions

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“The problem was that public had no way to know that this ‘evidence’ was part of an industry campaign designed to confuse. It was, in fact, part of a criminal conspiracy to commit fraud.”

- Naomi Oreskes, Merchants of Doubt

We struggle to understand the long-term

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Ramblings on communication and our climate crisis🌱

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