Oxford University has finally divested from fossil fuel companies — everything you need to know

What is divestment? Why does it matter? What makes this decision by Oxford University particularly significant? What can I do to support divestment by other organisations?

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What even is divestment?

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Oxford University’s history of investing in fossil fuels

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What did their divestment motion include?

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“Oxford has led the world on research on net-zero in science, finance and economics, and we have shown leadership and creativity in our position on net-zero with employers of Oxford graduates. It is excellent that we are also taking a logical and hard-nosed approach to the impact of our endowment. The proposed combination of divestment and engagement around net-zero is more powerful than either strategy alone.”

— Prof. Cameron Hepburn, Professor of Environmental Economics at Oxford University

Beyond divestment — requiring active engagement

“The financial sector has a crucial role in either sustaining the status quo or aiding the transition to a net-zero carbon world.”

— from the Oxford Martin Principles for Climate Conscious Invrestment

“Crucially, Oxford is proposing to engage with companies to assess their net-zero strategies: this is not a responsibility that we can outsource.”

— Myles Allen, Oxford Professor and Lead IPCC Author

What you can do to continue this momentum

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